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Mitch Sanchotena

I have been a member of the Hevi Hitters Hunting club for the past three years. During that time I have enjoyed the best goose hunting of my life, not to mention limits of ducks both over dry corn fields and flooded fields. If you are a duck hunter you know how a duck feels about a flooded pasture. If you have never shot ducks in flooded fields or Canada geese from a pit in a corn field you need to belong to Hevi Hitters. I have a young lab -that is part of the family now - that I wanted to get onto some ducks. Cory talked me into a membership with some other guys, and honestly I believe this three year old pup has retrieved close to two hundred ducks each of the past two years. If you have a retriever, you like me want to get (her or him) into some great duck hunting just for the dog work. Really, try a membership with Hevi Hitters. Cory Hamrick grew up in the Treasure Valley hunting waterfowl. He knows the right places to lease and knows how to place his pits and blinds.

If you hunt waterfowl a lot you can't beat a membership in this club for great hunting. I am not boasting limits everyday but when the season ends and you total the number of birds you harvested you will be thankful you have a membership.

Mitch Sanchotena, President
Imperial Taxidermy, LLC.