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As you make your way through the frozen field you spot the blind with your head lights. It’s in the perfect spot and well hidden. With your first step out of the truck you are bitten by the cold north wind. The chill down your spine isn’t just from the cold but the memories of all those north winds from before that brought with them skeins of birds and all the great memories with them.

With daylight approaching fast you begin to set your spread of full bodies, taking time to show the younger guys a special pattern or trick that always seems to bring them just a little closer. Guns and gear are placed in the blind and you let that old lab make a run through the decoys for some unfinished business.

As you and your party get situated in the blind flocks of hungry mallards bomb your spread, it’s hard to tell who is more excited, you or the dog, as you both shake with excitement. “Just two minutes ‘til shooting time” someone whispers. This is what you live for, this is the essence of waterfowling, this is the way its supposed to be.

As the sounds of ducks and geese lifting off the nearby roost fill the air, out of the corner of your eye you catch the flash of big honkers approaching. A little cluck and moan on your favorite call and it’s all over, here they come. “One more pass,” you tell the party. The rustle of birds’ wings is all you hear as they begin to backwing into the decoys.

Its go time. Remember, you live for this ...“Take-Em!”

idaho waterfowl hunting club

Such a scenario was once common throughout southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. In the last decade, however, many new threats to our hunting heritage have appeared. A significant amount of hunting land has been lost due to housing developments, the increased chase for permission on ever decreasing ground, and fewer land owners giving permission based on problems from previous hunters.

Hevi-Hitters Waterfowl Club has been established to preserve the hunting heritage in the face of these increasing threats. Hevi-Hitters is an exclusive club with limited membership and multiple properties managed for waterfowl opportunities.

Hevi-Hitters Waterfowl Club has been designed and organized by Cory Hamrick, co-founder of Hard Core Decoys. This club is being operated under the guidance of more than 100 years of experience in the field by Cory and his crew.

Cory has spent 100 days hunting each season for the past 14 years. This experience in the field through scouting and hunting has provided Cory the knowledge of how to locate productive property.

Hevi-Hitters Waterfowl Club has been organized to provide access to strategically placed land and waters in both Idaho and Oregon, allowing the opportunity for members to experience great duck and goose hunting from October through late January.

We invite you to join us for premium quality waterfowl hunting adventures as a member of Hevi-Hitters Waterfowl Club.

To get more information about Hevi Hitters, call 208-794-8302 or send email