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Eddie Godsey

Having lived in Idaho my entire life I grew up hunting waterfowl. As a kid hunting the Boise River in Eagle, the Snake River all over, the Payette and Weiser Rivers was not only fun but very productive. It was easy to get access and very little competition and unfortunately most of us took it for granted that it would always be accessible.

Well times have changed and access is extremely hard and the population has grown so much that it has drastically increased the hunting pressure. Places that we used to hunt have now become a race to be the first one there.

Four years ago I was invited to join HeviHitters hunt club. I listened to what Cory had to say and even went on a tour with him to multiple sites. Well it took a little convincing on my part to talk my hunting partners into paying for access. All of us grew up here and swore we would never pay to hunt in Idaho. Well what we soon discovered is we are not paying to hunt but rather paying for access.

The goose pits are large and very well designed. The concrete pits in the flooded pastures work very well on both ducks and geese at some sites. Over the past four years as we members make suggestions at our biannual meetings Cory has moved to accommodate many of our suggestions. He is constantly looking to get more properties for all our access.

As a life Idaho waterfowler, HevHitters has opened my style of hunting a bunch. In the past, rivers were my main hunting areas. Now hunting in dry fields, flooded pastures, flooded timber, water in pits, above ground blinds, layout blinds, really broadens the approach to the hunts. The other nice part is the pits and blinds are built and in place by Cory and crew. In my busy life that relieves me of the time and money involved in building pits or blinds.

The last main benefit to our club in my mind is all the different members reporting back to Cory how our hunts went and what we saw. This helps for the following day plan of attack. We also share amongst many of us what techniques work at different locations.

Now of course no matter what, each member’s success mostly relies on their own ability to out smart our webbed footed prey. The club provides outstanding access and opportunity but in the end a hunter’s success is still in his own hands.

Five year member,

Eddie Godsey